Group Exercise: Inference

Follow the process we discussed in class to link a series of hypotheses about political efficacy. Identify variables and statistical models that you could use to test these hypotheses. Compute the models in R and discuss the results.

Re-Introduction to R

Since analyzing data that was collected by others, such as the ANES, involves data transformations like recoding and indexing, we'll review these processes in order to get back in to the world of R programming.

In ANES 2012, there is a set of questions that measure political efficacy. We'll use this as an example. We'll create an index variable for efficacy and then use it as a dependent variable in a regression model

About This Course

45 Hours; 3 Credits
Analysis of categorical data. Loglinear models for contingency tables. Logistic regression models. Aspects of multivariate analysis, multivariate normal distribution, MANOVA. Analysis of covariance, principal components, factor analysis. Classification and grouping techniques, discriminant function analysis, multidimensional scaling. Statistical computing.


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